How much does it cost to join?

You can join the club for $90 for 90 days with a $10 credit added to your account for you to use toward a prepaid event or grab a buddy and join for $135 for 90 days and received a $15 credit to be used toward a prepaid event. Or choose from even more discounted semiannual or annual options. Please CLICK HERE for all pricing info.


What does Adventures 2000 offer that you can't find elsewhere?

A lot. We know it is free to meet people at bars or on some online sites and forums, but trust us....it may come with quite a cost!

  • QUALITY MEMBERS: We screen all of our members, run background checks, and pride ourself in maintaining a "no creeper" environment so the quality of membership and the safety of the members is our priority, which makes a huge difference! Since we are open to couples and singles, there is a no-pressure environment designed for having fun and meeting people in a very natural way, while having fun!
  • SAVE MONEY: We offer many free events so you can save the cost of dinner or drinks some nights and join us for a free activity like hiking, volleyball, free concerts and more. You'll also save when we get group discounts on many events including travel, theater and sporting events, large adventures like whitewater rafting, paragliding and more as we pass all of the savings on to our members! Oftentimes you'll save more than $30 in ONE event which can make up your entire monthly membership!
  • ALL YOU NEED: Spreading yourself thin over several clubs and groups out there can work out, but we're an all-in-one shop. You'll find everything from theater to sports, adventure to relaxation, trips to house parties. We have such a variety of events, you won't need to scour the internet to find out all there is to do each week. We do that so you don't have to!
  • CHECK REVIEWS AND PRICING: Think any clubs out there come close to what we offer? We were told "if you don't have anything nice to say....," you get the picture. So take a moment to research! Check Yelp! and Google and Facebook for reviews of us and any competition out there. You'll soon see why we're the #1 Activities Club in Phoenix. And for the minimal price with NO obligation, you really can't go wrong!
  • REAL FRIENDSHIPS: Spreading yourself thin over several clubs and groups out there has a huge downfall...oftentimes you struggle to see the same people and build real friendships even after attending several events. Since our club is ONE CLUB and because there is an investment driving members to participate, you will see many of the same people over the course of attending a few events, and can then build REAL friendships with people that you don't just see once and then never again!
  • MEMBERS ARE ACCOUNTABLE: Maybe it's because we know where you live? But really, our members are awesome enough to let us know when they are showing up and withdraw from events when they are NOT! So if we say there will be 30 people at an event, you won't be sipping a drink with two other people waiting for everyone else to show. Our members are dependable 95% of the time!
  • WARM & WELCOMING: We have new members in the club ALL the time, so you won't find cliques here! Many members consider each other family, but we are always excited to invite new members into that family, so don't worry about feeling like the new kid on the block. There are many new members right alongside you, and seasoned members are always excited to meet and welcome in those new to the club.


What are the age groups in the club?

We have all ages 21 to 65 in the club, however our primary age groups are evenly distributed between their late 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's. You'll find that since we are NOT a dating service and are open to couples too, all ages really mesh very well and most members would be surprised at how many friends they make in the club in all age ranges.


What advice would you give new members?

  • Don't be afraid to attend. Many times people are afraid to take the leap of attending their first event, but we promise it's not as scary as it sounds! We are a welcoming group, there are new members at MANY events right alongside you, and our Event Leaders (there's one at every event) are there specifically to introduce new members around and help merge you into the club. Feel free to call the Event Leader or the main line to the club if you would like some event guidance for your first few events. We are happy to help!
  • Print the information provided for the events you are attending and have the contact information for the Event Leader in case you get lost along the way...so you have someone to call to make sure you meet up with the group as planned and will have the directions in front of you in case you get lost or Google directs you to the wrong location!
  • Have fun! We've been hosting events for 17 years so we know what we're doing and how to plan an event, but the FUN is up to you! Arriving with a positive attitude and making the most of every event and situation will always make things more enjoyable for you, and everyone around you.
  • Exchange info! Make a friend? Find out what events they are going to next so you are sure to connect with them again. It's not so hard to be a newbie when you already know some of the people at the events!


Do your events center around bars or alcohol?

Our entire club is based on the idea that there should be more to do than just meet people in bars! So no, though we are all adults 21+ and drinking may occur at some of our events, we encourage members not to push it too far and would kick members out for any nude behavior due to intoxication. So whether you drink or don't drink, you will find events without drinking, and others with drinking with RESPONSIBLE adults present. And though we let loose sometimes with such events as Alcohol Workshops (free alcohol) and Party Buses, those events are more rare than those that don't include alcohol in excess at all.


What if I want to cancel my membership?

All members can be terminate their membership at any time by phone (602-244-1577) or e-mail without any additional charges being incurred after cancellation (no penalties, no hassles). Please allow 48 hours before a payment is due for cancellation notice. Due to the nature of the service provided, there are no refunds for membership fees already paid prior to cancellation notice. Couples who cancel can choose to do so together, or if one person remains a member their rate would be billed at the single rate from their renewal date forward.